First time, after my mother passed away, we have as family a joined holidays. Together with my father, Gijs, and my two sisters, Annemarieke en Inge, we stayed for a week in Chalet Im Rägeboge - Adelboden. Superb starting point for loverly hikes and gondelrides



- Sa 08 June - travel NL --> CH / Gijs, Inge and Coen went for a short walk towards Hornliweg
- Su 09 June - fresh bread from baker / Coen and Annemarieke walked towards Tschentenalp / Gijs and Inge came up by gondel / Coen and Inge visted the Schwandfälspitz / after joined visit to the giant swing, Coen and Inge walked back towards Adelboden
- Mo 10 June - The day started with rain /bus + cable towards Engstelenalp - Coen and Gijs walked around at Läger / Annemarieke and Inge went for a visit of the waterfall. Annemarieke and Coen walked from Unter dem Birg towards Adelboden - Oey
- Tu 11 June - Cholereschlucht - by car towards Kandersteg - Gasterntal with Frauenshuh and group of jung Capricorns at ‘Hinter de Weide’
- We 12 June - by car towards Elsigbach + cable to Elsigalp - despite the mist Coen and Inge walked up Elsighorn and back via Elsigsee - Annemarieke en Gijs went for a walk towards Elsigsee. Annemarieke en Inge walked from Elsigenalp towards Bunderalp.
- Th 13 June - bus + cable towards Engstligenalp - Inge and Annemarieke went up to the Artelegrat - Gijs and Coen went up to Rossfärich/Gruebi - Inge and Coen from Unter dem Birg towards Adelbode - Boden / short late afternoon drinks at Tschentenalp and pizza in the church yard
- Fr 14 June - by car towards Elsigbach + cable to Elsigalp - Coen and Annemarieke walked to the top of Elsighorn - Inge and Gijs to a walk around the Elsigsee.
- Sa 15 June - first day of the season that the cable to Sillerenbühl was open - short farewell visit + travel CH --> NL


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Engstligenalp - Rossfärich / Gruebi

Elsighorn - drone + 360


Foto's van Inge

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