Day 0: From Meiringen day visit / walk Rosenlaui - Grosse Scheidegg
Day 1: From Meiringen via Grimsel drive towards Oberaarsee, and walk over Oberaargletscher towards Oberaarjochhütte
Day 2: From Oberaarjochhütte via Gemschlicke towards the Finsteraarhütte
Day 3: Climb to Hugisattel and part of the group till Finsteraarhorn. Bart returned with altitude sickness. Helicopter took him towards valley.
Day 4: extra day at the hut to let the others recover.
Day 5: Via Gross Fiescherhorn towards Fieschersattel. After Fieschersattel one blocked and helicopter was called. Heli took us to Konkordiahütte.
Day 6: Return to valley via Jungfraujoch towards Meiringen
Day 7: Train back to NL together with Bart - Meiringen - Interlaken - Bern - Basel - Arnhem (NL)



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